VEO Research

I was delighted to see recently that the VEO App website has been updated with the published research and presentations that have been done over the last few years. A range of my own contributions is listed. Video is a key part of my outlook as a teacher and as a researcher. From the earliest days of digital video, I have had a keen interest in the potential of video in education. My MA thesis used DV as a tool for students’ learning and my MA dissertation supervisor, (then Dr, now Professsor) Andrew Burn was also involved in the earliest Becta work on DV.

See the VEO website for access to the articles.

The VEO app interface

All together now… online

As things continue to develop in education as a response to the worldwide move to online education during the Covid-19 pandemic, those of us who have been involved in distance learning are able to share meaningul insights to support others in our community.

In my university, my status as a ‘digital champion’ has meant that I have been able to support others moving online, which is a privilege, but one that is always seen through my positional lens of ‘pedagogy before technology’. My digital champion video, filmed as part of my university’s response to supporting staff to pivot to online learning, is below.

It’s also good to see that my background in digital and visual research methods has now found a wider audience than before. The Quantitative Methods Initiative has published a page tracking what switching to teaching and learning online means for research methods, and I’m pleased that my presentation on video calling and desktop sharing (VCDS) as a research method for studying lesson planning is included. I currently have an article under review based on this aspect of my doctoral studies.


I’ve been working on a project with colleagues at Ulster University for about a year now, and the project funder, AdvanceHE, has just disseminated the funding project page. I’m very excited about this collaboration and looking forward to following up some of the strands in the coming year.

Our project page is here:

ITTE Conference 2016

I’ve been preparing a Pecha Kucha presentation for the ITTE conference in London on 02 July. I’m very much looking forward to a day of interesting talks, speed networking and workshops. Not so much looking forward to getting up in time to catch the 5am train, but hey ho.

I’ve been practicing my timings for the Pecha Kucha and have put it on YouTube.